10 things do during the Coronavirus(COVID-19)

The coronavirus is affecting almost every countries and it’s spread day by day. In this time, if you want to safe your life, your family from affected this virus, you need do 10 things during coronavirus.

10 things do during the Coronavirus

#1 Stay home, safe lives

Avoid affected from coronavirus, stay you home and safe your life, your family, your country, your planet.

#2 Do not touch your face

From the World Health Organisation(WHO) inform us, do not touch your face, nose, eyes unnecessary too often. Because this virus main affected areas our face. This help us reduced the infection of this virus in your body.

#3 Do not travel unless necessary

If we do not need to, we should avoid traveling unnecessarily. This will make the virus less likely to be infected. And if there is emergency need to go out, then avoid mass transportation.

#4 Washing your hand properly

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20-30 seconds.

#5 Eat vitamin C foods

You need to eat a lot of vitamin C foods to prevent the corona virus. Vitamin C helps to break the upper layers of this virus. And drink more water.

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#6 Maintain social distance

Practice social distancing and avoid congregating in large groups. Avoid hugging and hand shaking.

Maintain at least 3 feet but ideally 6 feet (1-2 metres) of distance from the people with symptoms.

#7 Do not go crowed places

Try to avoid crowed places like as gym, metros, shopping mall, tourist places. The more number of people, the more spread of this virus. If you have symptoms with virus, self-quarantine yourself other than to visit the doctor.

#8 Do not panic

It is not disappointing to hear the name of the coronavirus, as there are some rules that must be followed to prevent this virus. For example, eating lots of vitamin C foods, drinking lots of water, washing your hands for 20 seconds with good soap.

#9 Do not everything on the internet

Not all information spread on the Internet may be true, so we should not believe all the information.

#10 Avoid sharing personal items

Avoid sharing your personal items with others peoples. All of this help you to affected this virus.

After all, your awareness may keep you free from the virus. Let us all be aware and save the world from this virus. Believe in God.


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