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Top 10 Programming Language 2020

#1 Python

  • Python will be top position in 2020 because of many reason. In github, there are already millions of package available for work.
  • Have compelling language and excellent to generate scripts
  • All the industries are transforming into AI and data-driven, and Python is best choice for developing such as AI & data-driven.
  • Python is the language that has all kinds of different mathematical and algorithmic packages available.
  • Main purpose: General purpose.

#2 JavaScript

  • In previous, JavaScript called client side language.
  • it is used for Full Stack development because of Node.js introduced by Ryan Dahl.
  • For Fronted development, there are huge js frameworks available.
  • For backed development, you can use Node Js.
  • Main purpose: Web development, Dynamic contents, Client and Server side

#3 Java

  • Java is 99% object-oriented.
  • Java is highly cross-platform compatible or platform-independent.
  • Java formed the base for the Android operating system.
  • It is simpler than C++ because Java uses automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.
  • Main purpose: Enterprise Application

#4 C++

  • Object-oriented based programming language.
  • CPP is the hybrid version of C.
  • C++ sees as more performing than dynamically typed languages.
  • Core area of development are gaming, computer graphics, Virtual Reality(VR) etc.
  • Main purpose: General purpose

#5 C

  • C has been the parent language of the handful other langauges.
  • C is Linux OS base.
  • Main purpose: General Purpose, Low-level programming

#6 PHP

  • Over 60% website are build in PHP, and 25% website are in wordpress.
  • PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a general-purpose programming language.
  • PHP is the scripting language, which runs on a server, and it is used to create web pages written in the HTML.
  • Has a variety of CMS and Frameworks.
  • Main purpose: Web development, Server-side.

#7 Golang

  • Go is just like C/C++ comes as a compiled language.
  • On the other hand, allocation of variable like as java.
  • Has also garbag collection and object removal.
  • Main purpose: powerful system-level language.

#8 R

  • If you want to data scientist, you should learn R language.
  • R language is popular for gaming development.
  • Comparison of python.
  • Main purpose: Statistical Computing

#9 C#

  • C-sharp is utilized in developing desktop applications.
  • Windows 8/10 applications and requires the .NET framework to function.
  • Cross-platform tools like Xamarin have written in C#
  • Main purpose: General purpose

#10 Kotlin

  • Kotlin is the new programming language from JetBrains
  • Kotlin has got native support
  • many IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio are supporting Kotlin for Android development.
  • Kotlin compiles to JVM bytecode or JavaScript.

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